Along with many other Spanish players, Fernando Torres paid his tribute to the former Spain coach Luis Aragones who died at the age of 75 and the former Liverpool player praised the work that Aragones made not only for him but for the national team Spain.

'That is part of the learning process and it intensifies when you become a professional at 17 and you realize that the football you have known has nothing to do with the professional game. That is when Luis appeared in my life.

'Aragones was my teacher, the one who kept my feet on the ground and put the brakes on my ambition until I was ready for the next step. He would say to me every day: "Kid, you know nothing about nothing," and I came to realize that he did that because he was preparing me for the future and because he believed in me.'

Aragones is regarded to be the man that started the tiki-taka playing style that gave the team a big success leading them to a number of triumphs and securing trophies as well.

Fernando Torres worked together with Aragones at Atletico Madrid and they saw each other once more when playing at an international level in Spain. According to Torres, the success that Spain had in 2008 when they won the Euro was a hard path and not easy to accomplish but the players were protected from all the pressure and the criticism and that could only happen thanks to the coach Luis Aragones.

'He ended up making history as the man who changed Spanish football; who made us, dream, fight, believe in ourselves, and win. "Win, win, win" as we would shout before every game all with our hands on the ball.
'We did win and we will win again thanks to what we learned from you. You will never leave us because your legacy remains. Thanks old man, rest in peace.'