Chelsea interim manager Roberto di Matteo has suggested that he might consider the possibility of playing both Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres in the final of the Champions League against Bayern Munich on May 19.

This is arguably the biggest match in the history of Chelsea, but Roberto di Matteo has revealed that he may make some changes to the team in order to overcome the suspensions.

Chelsea have four important players suspended for the final in the form of John Terry, Ramires, Branislav Ivanovic and Raul Meireles. As a result, they are extremely weak in the defensive positions.

Roberto di Matteo has revealed that he might try to counter-attack by going for an offensive formation that includes both Didier Drogba and Fernando Torres, despite the fact that they both are yet to score a single goal in 19 occasions they have been on the field together.

The 19th time came in the weekend against Blackburn Rovers when Roberto di Matteo played both the strikers, but they failed to score this time around as well. Bayern Munich are also suffering from suspensions, but injuries to David Luiz and Gary Cahill mean that Chelsea are even worse in terms of luck when compared to Bayern Munich.

"I tried a few things to just have a look and see how it could work out. It's always difficult because obviously it's going to be a different opposition. But I've been trying to figure out a few things," Roberto di Matteo said after the Blackburn match. However, it is extremely tough to see him changing the formation of the team that has been so effective since his arrival a few months ago. Didier Drogba is the favourite to start the match, which will also likely to be his last for Chelsea.


Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas has said that Fernando Torres is not present at Chelsea just to score goals, but to also create them as well.

Fernando Torres has come under intense criticism following his £ 50 million move to Chelsea. So far, the striker has scored only five goals in 30 matches for the club, which is one of the worst records you may find in the Premier League at the moment. Many expected Torres to come back fit and ready this season, but he has been overshadowed by the sparkling form shown by young striker Daniel Sturridge.

Now, the remarkable comments from Andre Villas-Boas is certainly going to attract some attention due to the fact that Fernando Torres is the most expensive British transfer ever. Perhaps, one of the main reasons for Fernando Torres failing is because the club did not make proper diligence when it comes to signing him.

He is often regarded as the pet purchase for owner Roman Abramovich, and as a result, managers did not exactly have a great say when it came to signing him. Fernando Torres is used to playing alongside Steven Gerrard at Liverpool, but here at Chelsea, he is employed as a lone striker. This exactly was the problem with Andre Shevchenko a few years ago and the transfer never really worked.

However, Villas-Boas reckons that Fernando Torres is much more important to the team than just his goals. “You are isolating two years to vent your opinion-making. Isolate the last four months with the goals he’s scored. In that time Torres has scored four goals in 12 matches, is that an adequate return? It’s not bad. A striker is not just there to put the ball in the net. He’s there to perform and create,” he stated.

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